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Join us if you use Python for your programming or are interested in Python! This is the place to enhance and share your knowledge of Python and discuss to solve your problems. The first event will be launched in December 2019. So please feel very comfortable to become a member of this group.

We have a slack channel. Please join it on becoming a member.

The reason why I started this group is that there is no Python events for English speakers in the Kansai region. I and my friends are organizing several other Python study events but almost all of them are in Japanese. This is the Event to talk in English. But you don't have to worry if you are not a fluent English speaker. We are very kind and we welcome you very much.

We mainly use meetup.

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Ended 2020/01/17(Fri) 19:00〜

Poetry, the Package Manager : OPUG #2

kirin kirin



Ended 2019/12/13(Fri) 19:00〜

Python Rust Binding : OPUG in English #1

kirin kirin